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goddoesntwantyoutobehappy asked:

Hey! I just wanted you opinion on the ep.4x09. The scene where Lydia and Stiles are in the Echo House with Brunski listenin to the recording of her grandma. When the shot camera is on Stiles he looks very very pissed. You think (cuz all this spak!stiles meta things) that he somehow helps with Parrish suddenly apearing there and shooting the bastard? Like that he wished him dead and whoops he is in few minutes. Parrish didnt have to kill him, he is a cop, he could have just take him with him


I’ve been so caught up in my Meredith The Benefactor musings i hadn’t really looked too closely at that scene before now. So thank you for reminding me!

Now Parrish turning up and saving the day - I believe that was all Parrish. We see him piecing together the evidence that Brunski is the one finding all the suicides, and he’s also know what a dickbag he really is.

BUT - if Parrish hadn’t arrived when he did I am 100 % sure Stiles would’ve saved them, or at least attempted to.

First let’s agree that they are both tied up pretty good with sturdy looking restraints


We see Stiles struggle more than once, trying to get free


Stiles even wears his “I’m about to do badass shit-face”


Look how calm and concentrated he is when he thinks Brunski is going for him first with the needle. He’s f**king ready!


But then Brunski goes for Lydia and Stiles goes for the rescue - CHECK OUT HIS ARM!


HE TOTALLY BREAKS FREE! And he would’ve gone after Brunski with all he had if Parrish hadn’t show up.

Let’s enjoy this moment with a still as well - just in case there is any doubt…


Stiles can do impossible things when he wants to - or believes he can. This is possibly linked to his spark. I’ve made several posts about this before. This is now a thing we cannot deny!

EDIT: Scrolling down my dash just minutes after i posted this, i saw that certhia-pi had made the same observation :)






So a friend of my girlfriend made a cake for her daughters birthday party. One of the kids started crying because it was so ugly.

are those dentures

They look like gummy teeth candies. And I might have gif’d this cake…

Do not anger it.

The cake god.


I will delete this later as it is non-art but this really needs to be on my main blog for all of my followers to see because I can’t look at this without bursting into hysterical laughter

chase-the-windandtouch-the-sky asked:

Perishable, otherwise known as 'the one where yes, Parrish is attractive without clothes as you thought, Stilinski feels can actually kill you, Stiles and Lydia made actual Disney dreams and parallels, wolves are almost killed by dubstep, and another person who was supposed to be dead ISN'T dead, but wants everyone else to be dead.' ... #teenwolf?

lol. You have summed that up brilliantly. #perfect

chase-the-windandtouch-the-sky asked:

Yeah, I watched it yesterday too. I go back and forth, depending on the part of the episode. I'm really glad they didn't just make Meredith 'evil,' and I happen to like her character a lot. I love the flashes of wolf!Scott and team SheriffXLydia. Although, I have to admit, Stalia has run it's course for me. I never was terribly annoyed with it until this particular episode. I've never been a fan but I was more like, 'meh.' In regards. But it irked me this episode for some reason.

I’ve always liked Meredith and was a little bummed to think that maybe she was going to be all ‘evil’ and ‘genius mastermind’ so I’m glad that she’s a) alive and b) not all bad. I think there’s now potential for her to be incorporated into the pack. I’m just more than a little annoyed at the whole explanation to most of this season arc. Surely there’s more?

Scott’s new wolf!face is interesting. Demon wolf? I wonder if this is leading back to Deucalion. I mean, the writers left him alive for some reason, right?

Sheriff and Lydia are so cute. I can just see her becoming this super-sleuth/banshee that the Sheriff calls up on to assist on un-solved crimes. Or maybe she just pops up and he rolls his eyes but fills her in anyway (like a Banshee Jessica Fletcher).

Will Parrish ever find out she’s not psychic? It was cute at first, now it’s just annoying.

I like Malia. I like Stiles. I’m just not on the Stalia train. I admit I think they look adorable together. I did actually like the whole ‘you hate me?’ build up to ‘I can work with that’(although I feel it would have worked better in a romantic comedy than here)… but, something doesn’t feel right. Maybe because we jumped straight into Stalia right from the start of the season. Ships should be built up and developed like a character. Not thrown in our faces. Or something else is amiss. I just can’t put my finger on it though.

Also the door. I seriously do not want to believe that was Melissa’s doing. I really hope there’s some spn spin to it, what with it creepily opening by itself.


I thought I’d try my hand at GIF-ing, which clearly I have a lot of practice that needs to get done. But I thought it’d be fun to try it on my recently-completed fic, Take Back This Soul That is So Rightfully Mine, a non-canon ‘season 4’ of sorts. It was fun but how do make GIFs pretty?!

Summary: Sometimes things leave footprints on the soul. After having a terrifying meltdown, Stiles is sent away for professional help. But when he returns to Beacon Hills, it’s clear he didn’t get the treatment he needed. It doesn’t help that a certain Argent is back from the dead, raising hell and reminding everyone of the Argent they lost. Post-Nogitsune. Trigger Warnings. Language.


Okay, I understand that we’ve established that everyone has financial problems, but are people really upset they tore the wall in the lakehouse? I mean, it’s understood that if they hadn’t turned off the deadpool, Scott, Kira, Derek, Braeden, and co. would’ve died in that fight, right? And if it never turned off, it would’ve kept going until everyone died, right?

I’m pretty sure Lydia would prefer a wall being broken to being dead.

I was actually more distracted with the parallels of Stiles pulling the wire like that and Stiles pulling the rope that was laid down around Laura’s body back in S1 (destroying a wall Vs desecrating a grave). Gif possibilities, anyone? 

cuppachar asked:

Hi! I'm back. As you may have guessed by the lack of tumblr I had zero wifi or phone signal so I couldn't even nip on my phone's internet. The area I stayed in was very picturesque and the cottage I was in reminded me of a hobbit home, but I was completely cut off from technology, apart from tv. At least no one from work could call me, lol...


Welcome back! (and great about work - I hear that… lol!) I hope you had a good time! What’d you think about tonight? I have mixed feelings, depending on how I look at it.

Well, I have already seen it - I chose to watch the earlier Sunday viewing before the VMA as I am out tonight and back at work tomorrow (midnight is much better than 3 am lol.) Have you seen it yet or are you waiting for tonight? I have to admit I was left a little underwhelmed at it, but for me I am just enjoying the standout moments and cinematography.

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